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Extracting equipment manufacturers brief introduct

TIME:2021-01-19 17:27:23 CLICK:500 SOURCE:河南亞臨界機械裝備有限公司
The refining of oils and fats may be conducted by different methods according to the nature and quantity of impurities contained in the crude oil, as well as the use and quality requirements of the refined oils and fats. There are many methods of oil refining, which can be generally classified into the following categories according to the differences in technology, machinery and equipment, auxiliary materials, and operating procedures used in oil refining. The extraction equipment manufacturer will introduce you as follows:

Extracting equipment manufacturers briefly introduce the common oil refining process types

1) Mechanical methods

Mechanical methods include sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal separation, etc. It is mainly used to separate the mechanical and some colloidal impurities suspended in grease.

2) Chemical methods

Chemical methods mainly include acid refining, alkali refining, oxidation, esterification and so on, which have obvious chemical reactions when applied. Acid refining is to treat oil with acid to remove pigment and colloid soluble impurities; Alkali refining is treated with alkali, mainly to remove free fatty acids in crude oil; Oxidation is mainly used for decolorization; Esterification method is not used much, mainly used to add glycerol to make the free fatty acids in the oil to generate triglycerides, thus reducing the content of free fatty acids.

3) Enzymatic degumming technology and nano degumming/alkali refining technology

Enzymatic degumming is in oil refining, selection of new and high technology, modern biotechnology enzymatic degumming principle is the use of biological fermentation phospholipase PLC selectivity and lecithin phospholipid key role, to cut off the phospholipids key, converts triglycerides in phospholipid structures to diglyceride, get diacylglycerol dissolve in oil, and retain in oil, and after the fracture of phospholipids key into phospholipids salt into the water phase, increase the comprehensive yield of oil and grease.

4) Physical and chemical methods

Physical and chemical methods mainly include hydration, adsorption, steam distillation, oil extraction equipment extraction and so on. Such methods are used without obvious chemical reactions but are distinct from mechanical methods. Hydration is mainly used to remove colloidal impurities such as phospholipids in crude oil; Adsorption is mainly used for decolorization; Steam distillation is mainly used to remove odorous substances and free fatty acids in crude oil. Liquid-liquid extraction method is suitable for deacidification of dark oils with high acid value and is a promising method.

Nano neutralization and degumming is also a kind of oil production and processing technology that has emerged in recent years. The mesoscopic environment modulated by nanometer scale in which nano reaction occurs is actually the reaction medium, carrier, interface, etc. Reactor in general should be the nano material or with nano structure material, they provide a nanoscale space, within the scope of the reaction is limited by the nano space, by controlling the nano reactor can gain size, material and other factors have special structures and properties of the product (phospholipids and the separation of neutral oil).

It is difficult to separate the above methods with practice, and the actual refining process is usually a comprehensive application of several methods. For example, alkali refining is a typical chemical method, but in alkali refining, the soap leg generated by alkali and free fatty acid will absorb pigment, mucus and protein, so that they and the soap leg are separated from the oil together. Soap foot adsorption is a physical and chemical action, after the adsorption of impurities oil soap separation or centrifugal separation is the use of mechanical methods. So alkali refining is not only a chemical refining process, but also a physical chemical and mechanical refining process.

Subcritical extraction equipment

Among many oil extraction methods, Henan subcritical extraction has better advantages. Subcritical extraction equipment is a low temperature, low pressure, high efficiency physical method, can avoid the thermal denaturation of biological components in the extraction process, maintain the biological activity of the extracted components; Avoid harmful substances such as trans-fatty acids, glycidyl ester and trichloropropanol ester produced by heating in the extraction of vegetable oils. To ensure that plant essential oil extraction in the complete components, pure taste. To ensure that the active ingredients used in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine are invariant. Ensure that the plant protein is not heat denaturation, plant starch is not denaturation gelatinization.

Subcritical extraction has been test research and production of more than 200 kinds of raw materials, such as tea seed, the peony seed, walnut oil, grape seed, Sally beans, crown fruit, flax seed, acer truncatum seeds, pine nuts, such as oil extraction plant, such as roses, aloes, Chinese prickly ash, ginger volatile oil extraction plant, etc., marigold, chili peppers and other plant pigment extraction, fructus schisandrae, eucommia seed extract of Chinese herbal medicine components, such as ganoderma lucidum spores, microorganisms such as fungi, oil extraction, and so on. Our company can provide turnkey project complete sets of equipment. The company's production demonstration base has a sub-critical extraction production demonstration line with a daily processing capacity of 80 tons, which can provide batch processing service.
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